We would like to quickly introduce ourselves as one of the fastest growing “Advanced Industrial & Technology Company” by the name of TAXTRON TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD. We have an expertise in On Job Training candidates on IT Hardware & Networking, MATLAB, Embedded Systems, LAB VIEW, Industrial Automation, Software Development & Testing. We are also developing the Projects on above mention Technologies for Industries as well as For Pupil Like (Diploma/B.Tech/M.Tech/Ph.D. Research Based Etc.) We have forged into an era of competence and skill based orientation, when it comes to picking up professionals for an organization spanning to various positions right from operational to managerial cadres. Also there is wide gap turned out between industry and educational institute in terms of current industrial standards and operational technologies. Understanding the need of industries in terms of selection of candidates on the ground of technology we have come up with the complete solution for candidates in terms of “Industrial & Technological Training”. We have a team of qualified and seasoned professionals who continuously researches on technology which is being prevalent in the industry and train the students and make them industry ready. This correspondence outlines the complete scope, including objectives, procedures and identification of responsibilities.

Taxtron Technologies Pvt .Ltd. is founded in 2013 with the mission of providing best quality of Education in Skill Development to all class of Pupil& Professionals in a very reasonable fee structure. Taxtron Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is an accomplished name, renowned for providing quality industrial Skill Development training and Projects services in the field of IT/CS, Electrical & Electronics ,Instrumentation, Mechanical, Civil, MBA Etc., for any Diploma /Under Graduate/ Graduate & Post Graduate  Pupil & Professionals. We are one of the best and fastest growing Advanced Industrial & Technology Company in INDIA, who has not compromised on the quality of intake. We have developed system and environment with the view to motivate the students & Professionals to pursue their studies in a conductive manner. We also tune up the quality and the Skill development education with the fast changing technology of the industries.

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Founder and the Core Team of Taxtron is the group of persons, who had severed for his own industry for a very long time, and being as a professional we have a vision to share the knowledge in a more easer and true manner, so student of every kind of category and class can be benefits. We have designed our course stretcher in the way which can make the study more easer and understandable. We do not want make our pupils just a knower; we want to make them a spiciest.Taxtron will lead ITY education in preparing students for innovative, creative, and successful careers in the global society.


Our mission is to provide a broad range of career-oriented educational program with the goal of producing innovative, creative and skilled candidates who are well prepared for their chosen careers in the global society. Teaching, personality, learning and leadership development for promoting student success are our central enterprises.



Joining a career course is a foremost decision. More than that is which institute has to be joined. You may have many options before you. But think for a moment. You will definitely like to join a good institute. But what elements make this Good institute? I would submit that one such element has to be the guidance offered by the administration. A good institutes's guidance helps to set the tone, establish the quality and tone, as well as clearly articulates the goals and hopes of the institution. Without this guidance, the central message and how it is implemented is muddled and unclear. This would be the first feature that helps to mark a institute good, committed, and educational institution. Very close to this would be the teachers and educational staff themselves, who have daily interaction with the pupils.


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